2011 July

Headstand Made Me Cry

Yeah that’s right, I just announced that to the internets. But I’m not the only one who gets emotional in yoga, as evidenced by the nearly 13 million web sites from Google. They say we store our emotions deep within our bodies, so when we open those joints and spaces that are normally closed off, [...]

Yoga as Perpetual Motion machine

Earlier today, Kate Kuss tweeted, “I can’t wait to teach yoga forever.” Porchon Lynch, the 92 years old yoga master in the video above, is a living testament that it is totally possible to teach yoga “forever.” How beautiful is she?? My hero. So many people work long hours at stressful jobs to be able [...]

Bikram = Bootie Buster

Thursday night, I got my butt kicked by a Bikram class. I have been practicing yoga several times a week for over a year, including several “Beginning Hot Yoga” classes over at Yoga on Baxter, but my oh my… I was not prepared. The class I took was the popular Thursday 6:15 class at Heat [...]

Affordable Yoga in Louisville

Since a newbie to yoga might not feel comfortable dishing out the standard drop-in rate to try out a class, I compiled a list of opportunities to get your yoga on for less than $10. Please email me if there are any other inexpensive yoga classes that should be added/removed/updated. Thanks! In addition to this [...]

Yoga is Expensive

Yoga is expensive. We all know this. Here in Louisville, drop-in rates range from $12-$17 for a yoga studio, and from roughly $0-$10 for community/church type yoga. So let’s say you want to practice once a week – that’s a solid $40-60 a month! Twice weekly practice will suddenly take $80-100 out of your monthly [...]

The Ultimate Louisville Yoga Calendar

There are TONS of yoga opportunities for you in the great city of Louisville! —->CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE FOR THE FULL CALENDAR


Welcome to the very first post of my new blog about yoga. I have found myself thinking about or talking about yoga more often than my friends and family can probably handle, so I found an outlet for my Yoga Craziness here with the internet. I hope to be able to provide resources, tips, and [...]