25 Days of Christmas: Yogathon

The 25 days before Christmas are usually full of indulgences. Christmas candy, cocktails, and dining out add to the festivity already lingering in the crisp winter air.

But maybe instead of using these 25 Days of Christmas to “treat” ourselves to unhealthy indulgences, we can gift ourselves with healthy treats to feed the soul!

This is the overall jist of Teeg‘s 25 Day Yogathon.

Teeg broke down her rules into three categories: mind, body and soul. But because I know I can’t give up refined sugar for 25 days (mmmm…brownies) I changed her “body” rule to something I personally need to work on. I can still partake in the occasional guilty pleasure, but I will focus my energy on nurturing healthy habits.

Here are GATO’S rules for #25yogathon:

  • MIND: 25 days of yoga everyday. Should be easy enough since I already do yoga almost every morning… but no more hitting the snooze button!)
  • BODY: 25 days of emphasizing fruits and veggies. (I never get enough fresh fruits and veggies; I’m a carb gal through and through)
  • SOUL: 25 days of 15 minutes of meditation everyday. (I don’t meditate, but have been wanting to – I will start tonight!!)

You can join in too! Feel free to tweak the rules to fit your lifestyle or goals. I like the idea of the goals to be gifts for yourself instead of restrictions; it’s more positive that way. Join the twitter party too; we’re talking about it at #25yogathon. p.s. Follow me on Twitter; I love connecting with fellow yogis!

Good luck!

3 comments on “25 Days of Christmas: Yogathon

  1. thats the one thing i love ab yogis.. we really know what we need to adjust in order to make it work for us. so i completely support your mind body soul goals! and good luck on the meditation!!! if you want any tips or support let me know, i’ve got tons up my sleeve =)

  2. LOVE it! You’ll rock this challenge!

    I’m tweaking the body part a bit too which is to reduce refined sugar – I have a serving of dark chocolate every day that makes me too happy to give up :) .

    I have a great 30 minute meditation audio file I can send you to help you get started if you need!

    • Thanks, Sabrina! I’m working my way through a meditation book that came with some audio files, so hopefully those help me along the way.

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