2012 February

vo2 yoga

Yoga for Athletes at VO2 MultiSport

This past Monday, I stepped foot inside VO2 MultiSport for the first time. To me, this is a hidden gem in St Matthews, although I have a feeling that serious tri-athletes, marathoners, and swimmers already know all about it. There’s a great retail store in the front when you first come in, but what makes [...]

lazy cat

Effort Now, Benefits Later

I woke up this morning feeling bloated, tired, and stiff. It took every ounce of willpower to get myself out the door and to the studio for the Mysore-style Ashtanga (read about different yoga styles here). Once I showed up on my mat, I thought everything would magically fall into place and it would be [...]


Yoga Music: 2/19/12

Yoga Playlist for my Vinyasa class, 2/19/12: Opening, Gentle warm-up Buddha’s Lullaby // Manose Lifeboy // Phish Sun Salutations, getting moving Let Down // Radiohead We Are Young // fun. Don’t Carry it All // Decemberists Flowin’ Starlight // Muse Instant Karma // John Lennon Sigh No More // Mumford & Sons Time to Move [...]


Yoga Illustrator: Annick Poirier

Yoga Journal uses illustrations in every issue, and always for their main articles on philosophy. I am always taken by Annick Poirier’s whimsical and colorful illustrations. I love how she combines realism with abstract shapes, graphite rendering with flat blocks of color, and knows when to just leave a shape empty and flat. Beautiful work. [...]


Map of Louisville Yoga Studios

Great Googly moogly (pun intended), there are a LOT of yoga studios in Louisville. Looks like someone needs to open one in the West End! Click image for the full clickable, driving-directionable Google Map and as usual let me know if there are any errors, additions or omissions. Namaste! cat

Yoga Music: 2/12/12

Yoga Playlist for my Vinyasa class, 2/12/12: I accidentally created this playlist in reverse in iTunes (watch that first column sort button!) so I had to play it in reverse in class. It worked pretty well until the wind-down when my “get moving” songs started to play, so I just switched to some generic relaxation [...]

Illustrating for fellow yogis

I’ve made a few yoga buddies through Twitter, one of whom is a Twitter Pro, Thais G of the blog Living in the (k)Now. (You might remember her from my #25yogathon post) (which I did not succeed at). “T” saw my illustration for the #25yogathon post and asked if I would do an illustrated header [...]

What Type of Yoga Should I Try?

When most people think of “yoga,” they think gentle and stretching. And then they hear people talk about that hot yoga where the room is 108ยบ. And then there’s Madonna whose arms can’t be that ripped from some gentle stretching… It’s important to understand that there is more than one type of yoga. And you [...]

Yoga Music: 2/5/12

Yoga Playlist for my Vinyasa class, 2/5/12: Opening, Gentle warm-up Shanti (Shavasana Dub) Omstrumental // MC Yogi Rise // Eddie Vedder First Day of my Life // Bright Eyes Sun Salutations, getting moving When My Time Comes // Dawes Rolling in the Deep // Adele Wake Up // Arcade Fire Flowin’ Comeback Kid // Brett [...]