Yoga Illustrations


Yoga Illustrator: Annick Poirier

Yoga Journal uses illustrations in every issue, and always for their main articles on philosophy. I am always taken by Annick Poirier’s whimsical and colorful illustrations. I love how she combines realism with abstract shapes, graphite rendering with flat blocks of color, and knows when to just leave a shape empty and flat. Beautiful work. [...]

Illustrating for fellow yogis

I’ve made a few yoga buddies through Twitter, one of whom is a Twitter Pro, Thais G of the blog Living in the (k)Now. (You might remember her from my #25yogathon post) (which I did not succeed at). “T” saw my illustration for the #25yogathon post and asked if I would do an illustrated header [...]

A Yen for Yoga, by Holly Holland

The August 2010 issue of Louisville Magazine had a wonderfully inspiring article about yoga that truly moved me. I don’t think it was coincidence that late summer last year was around when I ramped up my yoga practice to about 4-5 times per week. I had been going to Yoga on Baxter and told the [...]