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My class takes a much deserved Balasana (child's pose) after a rigorous flow.

My class takes a much deserved Balasana (child's pose) after a rigorous flow.

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Power Yoga Class Description
Power Yoga is a flowing, empowering style of yoga that challenges you physically and mentally. Emphasis is placed on using your breath and focus to cultivate calmness in a challenging situation, and on being present and aware of what your body needs in any given moment. You will leave class feeling lighter, energized, and powerful. With regular practice you will feel stronger, more focused, and more balanced on your mat and in everyday life. Modifications are offered making this class truly accessible to all levels.

My class tends to be pretty challenging for beginners, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome. Listen to your body and do what you can. Learn from what the other students are doing, but you don’t need to look like anyone else—it’s your personal practice! Yoga isn’t about getting a pose to be in a certain shape; it’s about the state of your mind while attempting a pose. Take child’s pose if you need to rest at any point. Over time, you will find yourself gaining the strength, coordination, and flexibility to do some of the challenging sequences.

OMing and Chanting
I do not include chanting in my classes, although I do like to end my classes with a “namaste.”

More often than not, my classes are silent to allow you to truly quiet down and hear yourself breathing. From time-to-time, especially in my Sunday morning class, I play non-traditional music that I attempt to match with the flow of the class, ranging from Ben Sollee to Van Morrison to Arcade Fire. View some playlists –>

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  1. I am a complete beginner, looking for some early morning classes. I don’t know where to begin. Can you recommend some starting points for me? Perhaps some studios that offer basic introductory classes? Any info you have is great! Thanks!

    • Hi Leah! I would recommend any class called Hatha or maybe even a Gentle class. If you go to any class like that and just tell the teacher you are a beginner, they can give you advice to help you learn the ropes. The Mysore Ashtanga program is a good program for a beginner too because it’s a sequence of poses that are just dished out in small portions as you improve, but that program requires a commitment of at least 3 classes a week. Good luck!

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