…ALL about [Cat's class] was great; her introductions, explanations, small insights about different poses, why certain things are done and helpful ideas for particular poses, without a lot of extra unnecessary talk; just straight Yoga!

This class was the most organized of any class I’ve taken in a long while! I could tell she enjoys what she’s doing and she also has great knowledge in how to get the concepts across to her students.

Because of everything mentioned above, this class was one of the most satisfying classes I have ever had in all my classes at Yoga East. I felt like I had a great workout after leaving this class!

—Sharon A

…I love doing yoga and I’m really pleased I started doing it. I was somewhat skeptical before—not of yoga so much as of my abilty—but your class has been great fun. A friend convinced me to try it, and I really feel like I’ve learned a lot and made some progress, and I can nearly touch my toes without bending my legs! Thanks for teaching a great class!

—James B

…Her love for practicing and teaching yoga really came through during the whole class. She was energetic and all-smiles and her positivity really made attending her class a joy. I thought the poses we worked on were the perfect level to accommodate all the students who were there (as expected, there was a mix of skilled practitioners and beginners in the class), and Cat gave us the option of taking certain poses deeper if we wanted more of a challenge…

—Heather C

Cat has changed my thinking about yoga….it’s a lot more challenging and interesting than I originally thought.

—Melissa M

I love this class!

—Yaala A

Cat is an amazing yoga teacher! She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable in her class. Since I started taking her class, my body has started having yoga cravings!

—Melissa S

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